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We share our life and our home with
English Jack Russell Terriers ~ American Hunt Terriers
    We live in "Central Florida" and have enjoyed the companionship of this unique breed
    since 1995. But it wasn't until 2000 that we decided to embark on our journey to work
    towards producing a more "modern day" shortie.

    My goal has always been to only maintain those shortie's with proven family friendly
    temperaments and the desire to co-habitate in a multi dog lifestyle as nature intended.

    We work towards producing better legs, broader heads, button ears and prefer overall
    conformation with a heavier build.

    We raise our shorties as full time members of our family and our life evolves around
    providing a loving home and enjoyable lifestyle for our four legged children.

    Our  Shorties   have never been a cookie cutter
    breed. Each uniquely different in personality, ear
    set, coat style, conformation, and size 9-11" at
    the shoulder.

    But this is only part of what makes this breed so
    different. Their silly antics, desire to please, overall
    quality in health, longevity in life make them great
    companions for many lifestyles to enjoy.

    Hunt Terriers  like the predominately white
    shorties, are also companions of their environment.

    Faithful family companions content to snuggle, but
    also enjoy the opportunity to express their natural
    instincts as hunting dogs both around the home,
    farm and in the field.

    They have become very popular here in the USA
    for their tracking abilities.
    Current Available Puppies
    Offering smooth and broken coats and occasional
    rough coats. All maturing with varying degrees of
    thickness. Our preferred favorite is Broken Coats
    due to less shedding. The amount of bone / substance
    for each shortie can also vary. Our shortiejacks
    stand 9.5 - 10.5" in height & average 10 - 17 lbs.  
    Each with their own unique markings. Some with
    head and body markings and some mostly white
    with limited head tail markings.
    We raise the "old style" short leg jacks
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The Short Ones!
    Their care, health and happiness is our #1 priority
    Pooltime  is very important here a Shortiejacks.
    It is a great way to observe potential alpha status
    under high excitement conditions before behaviors
    get out of hand, as we do need to remember they
    can be territorial.

    Jacks are competitive by nature and want to be first
    to get the ball or control their space. The pool not only
    provides our shorties with a daily, cool and enjoyable
    experience, but also enables us the ability to monitor
    their social skills at a time when they have increased
    potential to be possessive.
    Playtime  is filled with lots of indoor and outdoor
    activities. They run and play freely throughout the
    day under constant supervision.

    If I am at my desk, they are either at my feet or out
    with their dad. We monitor their behavior via security
    cameras at all times. We work very hard at not only
    encouraging our shorties to share their toys, but to
    run and play in packs as mother nature intended.

    But the most rewarding and appreciated time for us,
    is the Quiet times that we get to spend together.

    Even though there is lots of room to take naps all
    through out entire house, they choose to snuggle
    in our laps. But that is what parents do!!!!
There is no greater love! Than the love of a shortie
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