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Shortiejacks and Hunt Terriers  
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    In 2000, we decided to embark on a journey of producing our preferred ideal shorties known  as modern day Shortiejacks.
    Breeder of 25 years, focused on preserving Top Quality Bloodlines. Puppies produced by health tested parents with exceptional
    qualities in health, temperaments and eye appealing conformation.
    Shorties have never been what is called a cookie cutter breed. Each shortie is uniquely
    different personality, ear set, coat style conformation and size ranging from 9 - 11" at
    shoulder. But this is only part of what makes this breed so unique.
    Their silly antics, desire to please, entertaining personality, quality in health, longevity in
    life make them great companions for many lifestyles. Shorties we intend to include in our
    breeding program, must meet our high standards in sound health, gentle minds, be willing to
    co-habitate and enjoy our multi dog lifestyle.
    We breed towards producing legs that are straighter - not shorter, broader heads,
    ears set close to the eye. Puppies maturing with substantial bone, substance, most
    importantly calm family friendly temperaments. We raise shorties in our personal home and
    kennel as full time members of our family. We are 100% dedicated to providing a healthy,
    loving and enjoyable lifestyle for our fur babies.
    We work hard to provide a family home lifestyle for our Shorties and Hunt Terriers. We allow our females to run freely during
    the day. They live, play and nap without limitations and roam at will during the day. At night they have all set their own bedtime
    to around 9 - 10 pm. And are sure to let you know it is bedtime. They each have their own 24 x 36 bed time crates and are warm
    in the winter or cool in the summer, enjoying bedtime crates that are large enough for them to stretch out and sleep comfortable
    all night long. Amazes us how they all sleep through the night without a peep. No need for an alarm clock though.
    They also have the 6:00 am down pat.  Life is good at Shortiejacks.
    We make sure that our males also  get alot of attention and cuddle time. Each male takes turns getting to run freely with our
    females everyday, Their continued socialization as members of our family is very important to us here at Brightjacks.
    As of 2017 we have decided to help with the limited gene pool here in the USA.
    There are many exceptional quality solid shorties already here in America, but there is a need
    to out cross in order to increase the preferred breed standard, without having to consistently
    cross back to their predominately white predecessors.
    However, there will be instances, where we feel that shorties with specific minimal white
    bloodlines have much to contribute to the Hunt Terrier overall, with increased potential to
    produce little to no white plus the benefit of improved bone, substance and temperament that
    we love in our shorties.                
    We are looking forward to 2018 with very specific plans to put together combinations that
    will not only build top quality lines but also produce some unique solid color minimal shed
    wire broken coats with increased bone/substance. Focusing on laid back family friendly
    personalities and preferred conformation.
    In the mid to late 1800's, the white gene was bred into the solid colored terriers from various breeds, due to the need to
    distinguish their color from the Fox. The solid colored shorties fell by the wayside as the predominately white jacks
    became more popular and easier to distinguish in the foxhole. Hunt Terriers are one of the main predecessors of what we
    know as Short Leg Jacks here in USA. However to register a Hunt Terrier as breeding eligible, requires only puppies
    produced of solid Tan, Red, Black, Black/Tan with no or limited white markings on chest/toe's/feet. Puppies produced
    with more white than breed standard allows, will be placed as non breeding companions with limited reg.
    Just like the predominately white shorties, the Hunts Terriers are faithful companions of their lifestyle. They can enjoy the
    same life style's as the American bred shorties when raised solely as companions. But can easily be encouraged to express
    their natural instincts as hunting dogs at home, around the farm and in the field due to the fact that they are not bred solely as
    companions in other countries. They have become very popular in the USA for their tracking abilities. The "Solid Shorties"
    are making a comeback. They are the same great companions as the well know predominately white shorties and are known
    here in the states as...."AMERICAN HUNT TERRIERS"
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