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We feed Top Quality Minimal Grain Dry


What we feed our shortiejacjs is extremely important to us and we hope that it is also a important to families that are interested in our puppies. Excellent high quality dog/puppy food is the part of the foundation of our puppies overall health and growth.

We offer a variety of Fromm products for our Shorties and Hunts.

Even though we prefer to feed our adults and puppies a totally Grain Free diet. We have found that a healthy mix would be in the best interest for our puppies to be able to go home to their new families with a digestive system that
is already adapted to both a good quality grain or grain free diet.

Fromm Puppy Gold



We provide Knee Bones to help clean teeth



     Pupperoni-Carrots-Broccoli-Green Beans-Blue Berries-pealed Apple bites and their favorite Cheerios

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