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    Welcome to Brightjacks Shortiejacks
    We have shared and enjoyed the companionship of this unique breed since the early 90's. In 2000, we embarked on
    a journey of producing our preferred ideal shorties known as modern day Shortiejacks.
    Shortiejack fancier and breeder of 25 years, focused on preserving "Quality Bloodlines". Puppies produced by health
    tested parents with consistent overall quality in health, eye appeal, temperaments and conformation.  Shorties have
    never been what is called a cookie cutter breed. Each shortie is uniquely different personality, ear set, coat style
    conformation and size ranging from 9 - 11" at the shoulder. But this is only part of what makes this breed so unique.
    Their silly antics, desire to please, entertaining personality, quality in health, longevity in life make them great
    companions for many lifestyles. Shorties we intend to include in our breeding program, must meet our high standards
    in sound health, gentle minds, be willing to co-habitate and enjoy our multi dog lifestyle.

    We breed towards legs that are straighter not shorter, more bone, broader heads, ears set close to the eye.

    We raise shorties in our personal home and kennel as full time members of our family. We are dedicated to providing
    a healthy, loving, enjoyable lifestyle for our fur babies. We work hard to provide a healthy family environment.
    We allow our females to run freely during the day. They live, play, nap without limitations and at night they set their
    own bedtime at 9 - 10 pm, and they are sure to let you know it is bedtime. They each have their own 24 x 36 bedtime
    crates and are warm in the winter or cool in the summer, in crates large enough for them to stretch out and sleep
    comfortable all night long. Amazes us how they all sleep through the night without a peep. No need for an alarm clock
    though. Trust me, no need for an alarm clock as they have 5:00 am down pat.

    Life is good at Brightjacks Shortiejacks.  May you every day be a Shortiejacks Day
    Would love to hear from families that have added one or more Brightjacks Shortiejacks puppies to their family
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Brightjacks Shortiejacks' where Quality meets Eye Appeal
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    Dear Brightjacks,
    I have had Max since 2006. He will be 12 in June. He has been joy since
    picking him up. Despite being almost 12 year he still thinks he is a puppy.
    His energy is never ending. He loves to cuddle and burrow under his blankets.
    He can still be a little hooligan, but that's part of being a JRT! Thank you.
    Roger T Schaetzel
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    Feel free to scroll through our website and get to know our family of Shortiejacks. We are always available to
    answer questions or share our love of this awesome breed known as Short Leg Jack Russell Terriers and Solid
    Color Jacks. We would be glad to schedule you a personal visit to meet our family or discuss your interest in
    one of our Shortiejacks by phone.
We could not imagine life without our Shortiejacks
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