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Solid Shortiejacks  aka  Hunt Terriers


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Tails - Tipped - Dewclaws Removed

Wormed @ 3 - 5 - 7 weeks of age.

Neopar Vaccine @ 4 weeks
1st - DAPPV  Vaccine @ 6 weeks
2nd - DAPPV Vaccine plus Bordetella @ 8 Weeks

FL. State Health  Certificate provided
AKC / EJRTCA Litter Reg.  -  AHTCA Litter Reg.

FROMM Puppy Food  Sample Provided
2 weeks of  CRATE Training




RIVERVIEW VETERINARY HOSPITAL  Our veterinarian's give our puppies a very thorough exam prior to placement. Contact our Veterinarian Dr. Sandhu 813-986-2448 


If you have any questions regarding a Brightjacks Shortiejacks puppy. All puppies are checked for Normal heart beat, correct bite, naval/inguinal hernias, obvious skin disorders, internal parasites and luxating patella's.


We health test our shorties for health concerns that are known to affect several terrier breeds. 

PLL  Primary Lense Luxation  -  SCA  Spinocerebellar Ataxia
All Shortiejacks Adults and Puppies are PLL + SCA CLEAR by test or parentage.


All sales are final (NO REFUNDS) unless there is a Veterinary proven Hereditary Health related issue as explained in

the Health Guarantee above. I furthermore make NO assumptions or guarantees regarding puppies requested to be placed with  full registration, with or without purchaser’s intent to use pup for breeding purposes. Puppies are vet certified at time of placement. Any/all current imperfections will be noted on the health certificate including results of exam for under/over bites, inguinal/umbilical hernias, luxating patella's and testicles descended on males. There is no way to guarantee that puppies will continue to mature as anticipated, as there are many factors that can alter a puppies development. Therefore, we do not guarantee future imperfections, breeding quality or ability to breed when purchased

at such a young age. Puppies that have been determined to have as slight imperfections will be placed as non breeding companions only and placed "SOLD AS IS" as stated in writing so buyer is aware of the imperfections.

Please Note: Shortie Jack Russells thrive on mental stimulation, but also need lots of sunshine, room to run and play so that their body and legs can develop strong. Even though they love the indoor cuddle up lifestyle, make sure that you also allow them to express their natural instincts. You both will be quite entertained and then snuggle up for a cool afternoon nap. We want you to be happy with you Brightjacks Shortiejacks.

$500. Deposit - will be required to reserve a current available puppy or a future planned litter pick. Contact Form is required to move forward with reservation or current purchase. Applies to Pre Birth Reservations or to Reserve current Listed as Available.

*It is with Seller’s full Discloser regarding Advance Reserve

Should buyer decide to cancel their confirmed advance reservation or current pick selection from listed as available for any reason. Buyer' will forfeit the $300. standard non-refundable portion of the Initial Deposit  or  Payment applied towards current requested puppy  or  future planned litter pick selection that was requested to be removed from availability list. However, Deposits will be held for up to 2 yrs towards a future puppy.


Shortiejacks  -  Puppies preferred placed as family companions. Please call to pre-discuss your interest, if you are looking for a puppy to be placed with full breeding eligible registration.   

AKC  Registration  -  provided at time of placement.

EJRTCA  Registration  - provided at time of placement.




Solid Shortiejacks  -  also know as Hunt Terriers.

AHTCA  Registered  -  provided at time of placement.



Feel free to scroll through our website and get to know our family of Shortiejacks. We are always available to answer questions or share our love of this awesome breed known as Short Leg Jack Russell Terriers and Solid Color Jacks

known as Solid Shortiejacks. We would be glad to schedule you a personal visit to meet our family or discuss your interest in one of our Shortiejacks by phone. We do not allow visitors to personally handle puppies under 5 weeks of

age, as they will not have their 1st vaccine before this time. Once puppies have reached 6 weeks of age, families are welcome to personally visit us here at Brightjacks to be able to physically interact with their puppy. Families interested

in our Shortiejacks are also welcome by appointment. Thank you for your understanding.


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